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Representative Li Pengliang of the Two Sessions: Promote the transformation and upgrading of Hebei's food industry


2022-12-23 16:27

 Hebei News, the food industry is not only a traditional livelihood industry, but also a pillar industry of the national economy. After years of development, Hebei Province has initially formed a more complete food industry system, and has now moved from the accumulation of quantity into a qualitative upgrading stage of development. How to continue to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the food industry in our province? Li Pengliang, general manager of Hebei Handan Congtai Spirits Co., Ltd, suggested strengthening the integration of industrial chains and brand building to comprehensively enhance the quality and efficiency of industrial development, thereby improving the competitiveness of the province's food industry.

  In recent years, the province's food industry has developed rapidly, but the scale of the food industry as a whole is still in a small and scattered state, with a short industrial chain, a sloppy development approach and an industrial structure that needs to be optimized.

  "Efforts to expand the agricultural and food processing industry, food manufacturing industry development scale." Li Pengliang representative suggested, focus on building the whole industry chain of dairy products, the whole industry chain of liquor, the whole industry chain of flour and other high-quality industrial chains, encourage enterprises to extend the development and deep processing of high value-added products, to seize the middle and high-end market. Increase brand building efforts, focus on cultivating and developing a large number of brand-name products in the food industry, to develop the market with the brand effect, promote structural upgrading, and improve the quality of industrial development. In addition, large and medium-sized food enterprises should be guided to establish research and development centres, and promote the establishment of industry-university-research cooperation alliances or collaborative innovation centres to strengthen technological innovation and new product development, in order to form more invention patents or industry standards.
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